About Us

About Us

Our Story And Glory

Ms Krentzel is a business lady and an entrepreneur who was raised as a housemaid.
Through her upbringing and work experience, she is perfected in housekeeping and other cleaning services. Ms Krentzel took many cleaning jobs which turned into a hobby during her university days. While growing up as a maid, she had dreams of becoming independent, learned, wealthy to empower women and help kids who work to fend for daily meals.
Today, she is partly living her dreams as she has a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW, Winterthur).
She has reference for having worked as HR and Procurement Support in one of the largest and International Renewable Energy Companies in Switzerland.
She is currently engaged in growing Ms Krentzel Cleaning Services. She seeks to recruit and train more cleaners to offer you the best cleaning services.
Ms Krentzel is nurtured to value - cleanliness, trust, respect, patience, kindness, peace, love and contentment.

We Make It As Clean As New

Ms Krentzel Cleaning Services was founded in 2020 with a client base from 2012. We offer professional cleaning services for firms and households. Our supreme goal is to provide you utmost satisfaction with comfort, quality services, and trust.
Through the exceptional and perfect service we offer, we have maintained a network of families and friends who are more than satisfied with us.
We have good cleaning products, materials, and tools. With experience, we know just the right product for every kind of cleaning. We are open to using your own products and tools if necessary.
We are incredibly detailed in our cleanings, exclusively trusted by our clients, with references available if needed.


Professionals who are experienced, trained and are trusted

We do a thorough background check, interview, and testing on cleaners before they join our team. Our cleaners have clean or no criminal records, they can be trusted.

Booking is safe, quick, and simple

You can easily book our home cleaning service, request a quote for other cleaning services or reach us by telephone/filling-out the contact form online.

Exceptional Customer Service

For enquiries or queries, the support team is there during our working hours to help you.

We Provide Our Best Cleaning Services for You

Want to do a different variety of cleaning not listed?